I, For One, Welcome our Bizarro Overlord

This is a follow up article from our latest podcast where we discussed how newer figures can impact the playability of older ones. I mentioned how the arrival of our Bizarro Overlord made a whole heap of figures potentially relevant in competitive play and in this article I will build a couple of teams to illustrate this.

First off lets take a look at what makes Bizarro Green Arrow (henceforth known as BizArrow) such an important piece and for me it’s purely all about his trait.

ME THE WORLD’S GREATEST ARCHERY TARGET: When an adjacent friendly character would be targeted by a ranged attack, Bizarro Green Arrow becomes the target instead even if he would be an illegal target.

His special power is great as are his stop clicks but I think it’s his trait that makes him worthwhile as there is no way to counter it or prevent it from being used. It can be ignored but the main way to ignore it is to include him in the area of effect of a pulse wave which limits the damage the pulse wave can do on the other figures BizArrow is protecting. So he greatly limits the effectiveness of ranged attacks and since competitive Heroclix is often all about the range he turns conventional wisdom on it’s head.

OK so far I haven’t told you anything you didn’t already know so now I get to show you a figure that I believe is worthwhile playing with him that you probably haven’t thought of.

The figure I am looking at is from Avengers Assemble that I don’t believe has seen any competitive play ever – Immortus. He clocks in at 160pts and top dial has super senses, shape change, Prob control, outwit and deals unavoidable damage to opposing characters when they use Prob (which is fantastic). He is a wild card and has Masters of Evil team ability which is a great bonus for higher point figures and has fairly decent stats and a long dial. His weaknesses are no move and attack top dial, no willpower, no damage reduction and low(ish) defence values.

Now if you tried to play him in the past you’d likely get shot to pieces by Nick Fury or pulse waved to death in fairly short order which is why no one plays him. However with BizArrow by his side and a few additions to improve him defensively he can become a real handful. So defence wise let’s go with Eclipso on him to give him Impervious and +1 defence which means he has 3 chances to avoid taking any damage whatsoever. Play him with Pandora’s Box to put Wrath relic on him to give him a 20D at close quarters and also Willpower and Sidestep. BizArrow can also benefit from either Sloth relic to make him pretty much unkillable or a Combat Reflexes relic to make him immune to knockback.

So currently him and Bizarrow have to sidestep everywhere but I think they would benefit from having slightly better mobility and what could be better than being carried around by a Colossal Robot. Batman/Superman Robot is only 25pt and as well as being able to carry two smaller characters (one because of his Wing Symbol and one smaller character) he has Empower, Colossal Retaliation and two very useful team abilities for Immortus to wildcard.

So far our team looks like this:

  • Immortus 160pt
  • +Eclipso 25pt
  • BizArrow 50pt
  • Bat/Supes 25pt
  • Pandora’s Box + Wrath and Sloth 20pt

With 20pt left there are a few options but I am going to go with 2 ID cards and two more relics for Pandora’s Box. The ID cards I would suggest are Level 7 – for the obvious Nick Fury but there are other options you can put on your sideline in case Nick doesn’t cut the mustard and Batman for TW Batman for pulse wave and utility. With 4 Relics I am going for the Mastermind/Support click on Pandora’s Box so not only does BizArrow absorb ranged attacks Immortus could also Mastermind other damage on to him (or BatSupes for that matter) and all of them could benefit from using Support to keep BizArrow and Immortus immortal (pun intended) which is especially useful if Immortus chooses to keep using his Masters of Evil TA.

So let’s just have a quick look at Immortus now, he is rocking a 20D (close up) with Impervious, Super Senses, Shape Change and is 8 clicks long. He has willpower and can act every turn as required. He can wildcard TA’s to give him stealth or the ability to ignore hindering for line of fire and movement. His team has a 50/50 shot at all using Mastermind or all using support and all this makes him very difficult to KO and whilst the team can’t dish out huge amounts of damage it can easily deny your opponent points and grind out wins.

OK so now for our next example let’s go for something a bit more heavy hitting. The rest of the guys always seem to be down on TMNT sets but I think there are some hidden gems if you are prepared to dig into the sets. A figure that I keep meaning to play is Monsterex from the first set, so let’s see what BizArrow does for him.

Monsterex comes in at 125pt and has an even longer dial than Immortus with 9 clicks, he also has a lot of different powers he can choose from at the beginning of your turn depending upon which Monsters he’s currently channeling. The main damaging combo you are looking at is Charge + Flurry + Super Strength + Battle Fury which has the potential to dish out huge damage. The main downsides to him however are his attack and defence values with them never going above a 10A and a 17D. So let’s see what we can do about that and see what sort of team we can build around him.

First off I think Eclipso fits perfectly here having 9 clicks as well and giving him +1D and impervious when he wants to defend and +1A and precision strike when he wants to attack. Pandora’s Box is our resource of choice again but the Relic I would choose for Monsterex is Lust. As well as CR this gives plasticity so he can reposition for his charge much easier and also protects himself again HSS pieces. I don’t think it matters that much which relic goes on BizArrow so let’s just put Sloth on again and let’s aim for the Charge/Perplex click with two Relics.

All this leaves us with 80pts left over, currently though we don’t have any Probability Control so we definitely need that and we could also use a taxi to avoid Monsterex having to token himself whilst moving up the map. We could go Renet Tilley for 55pt who covers both requirements but I think I prefer Overdrive 35pt and Atomica 25pt for these roles. Overdrive is slightly faster as his vehicle doesn’t modify it’s speed value when carrying and his Empower is very helpful in this team and as a last resort you can always push his vehicle to death to drop a heavy object for Monsterex to use. The last 20pts we can spend on ID cards and I would suggest Level 7 for Nick (surprise surprise), Lex Luthor for 50pt version with TK and perplex plus outwit through his inspiration, Superman for 50pt Superman Blue, nice defensive option that BizArrow can call in and maybe Batman for TW Batman 85pt for Support or Black Canary for Pulse Wave.

So let’s take a look at Monsterex now, Overdrive makes him and his team super mobile and delivers him where he needs to go. On defensive turns he has impervious with a 20D and can pick Gil Creature for Stealth to prevent his powers from being easily outwitted. When he wants to attack he is swinging with an 11A (you do have access to perplex through Lex card and Box so potentially a lot higher) with Precision strike, Battle Fury, Flurry for 7 (with Ultra Heavy) then 5 (with Empower). Hopefully that will KO or cripple something and he can stay the distance to finish off the opposing team. Don’t forget he has various ways of healing including access to Steal Energy and Regen.

OK hopefully that has illustrated some figures that you might not have thought about – thanks for reading and feel free to comment!

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