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Podcast – Episode 004

The gang are back with details of their WKO exploits in Birmingham, tons of news about the Deadpool set and new convention exclusive figures. Team building with Donny from TMNT and the regular rules and tactics section.

Podcast – Episode 003

In episode 3 Dale reviews some recent WKO winning lists and the gang delves into some teams from the Shoreham-by-Sea tournament. The rules section focuses on First Round Immunity, Sean discusses how new figures can revitalise some older ones and Chris asks why Wizkids hate Donatello.

Podcast – Episode 002

The gang talk about a few new previews, forthcoming WKOs in the UK and try and figure out how plasticity works. They also Team build around Anarky and discuss some tactical benefits of themed teams.

Podcast – Episode 001

Meet the agents in our first episode and hear news about the new Wizkids convention exclusive figures, tactical advice on ID card inspirations, team building with Pizza face, what we think about TMNT and lots more.